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Focus on Depth of Programs

Hello (Name), I am (calling/writing) to express my support for Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and to encourage you to support the Library by funding its services.

After seeing the results of the recent economic impact study done for Carnegie Library, I’ve come to realize how much our Library gives back to the community and how important it is for the Library to receive the funding it needs. I speak from personal experience; every member of my family has been enriched by Carnegie Library.

I remember going to the Library as a child and discovering magical worlds that captured my imagination for hours. Today, I see the same look of joy on my child’s face after we return from a trip to the Library. My spouse and I can unwind after a long day of work with the latest bestsellers, free of charge. My parents have access to large-print and audio books.

The Library not only provides the normal lending and research services, but much more. Book clubs, the Job and Career Education Center, after-school programs, storytimes, concerts and summer reading programs are just a few of its valuable services. The Library also remains my cornerstone for information. There are databases and sources of information to which I just wouldn’t have access without paying a high membership fee. The Library gives me access at no cost. One look at their website tells you the incredible depth of their offerings to our neighborhoods – from classes, to music, to children’s programs to specific programs for teens and senior citizens. Visit any Carnegie Library branch on a Sunday afternoon, and you will see firsthand what community is all about.

I know I’m not the only one taking advantage of these programs, as more than half of the residents of the City of Pittsburgh have a Library card. Seventy percent of City residents ages 13-36 are cardholders. The Library is an important resource to this community, promoting literacy and culture in ways that are immeasurable.

It is up to you to help sustain the Library. While many would think otherwise, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh was not endowed by Andrew Carnegie. I recently discovered that the Library is a public trust. Mr. Carnegie believed that libraries were a way for communities to show their commitment to democracy. Funding from the (State/County/City) is critical to keeping Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh strong and accessible.

I would appreciate hearing from you regarding your plans to support our Library. I can be reached at (phone), (address) or (email). Thank you.