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Tell Us Your Story

Tell Us Your Story

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Monty's Story:
I was in the process of looking for a job and came to the Woods Run location to work on a resume. I had not done a resume for a very long time and didn't know where to start. The staff there was extremely helpful and one in particular named Lauren Zabelsky. She helped me with the whole process on the computer. By the time we finished I had a great resume put together. I sent it out right after we finished and got an interview which led to a job offer which I have accepted. So I'm writing this to thank Lauren and the great staff that you have at the Woods Run location.

Loretta's Story:
I was in a bind in finding some critical essays for a writing assignment that was due on Monday and although I had been searching the online engines at both Carnegie Library and CCAC I could not find what I needed until I called the Oakland Library and was connected to LaMonica. She understood my needs and my apparent struggles and went the extra mile in working with me to fine tune my search and as a result I got just the information that I needed, no more or no less. She was truly a lifesaver and I am extremely appreciative that she went beyond her call of duty to assist me even went as far as encouraging me to not give up on my searches. I am glad that I did not because I now have everything that I need to complete my assignment on time and I know that I would not have been able to do so without LaMonica's assistance and duty to serve the people who come to the library for its resources. She is my hero.

Caren's Story:
LOVING THE WEST END LIBRARY!!! My countless hours at the West End Library as a young girl in elementary and high school were so inspiring! The one mile walk from home brought me into a new world. On many summer days I remember checking out as many as ten books at a time. I always thought that working in the library would be the best job in the world! Now, decades later, after a move to and from Southern California and recent retirement as a clinical dietitian, I can fulfill my dream to work in my library. The opportunity to be an active volunteer, member of the West Pittsburgh History group, and Friends of the Library at the West End Library, has brought me back to my roots. The staff is always warm, welcoming and helpful to all who enter the library, just as they were in my youth. It's time to give back after all the West End Library has given to me. How exciting it is to be an active part of the library again!!

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