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Don't Bug Me - Books with Many-Legged Narrators

Humans-turned-insects, insects-turned-humans, the chronicles of an insect uprising and an insect's survival on Noah's Ark - these are stories to inspire the bug in you!

Barnes, Julian
A History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters
A stow-away on Noah's Ark tells our beloved Bible tale to us straight.
Estrin, Marc
Insect Dreams: The Half Life of Gregor Samsa
Estrin redraws Kafka's famous character Gregor Samsa as a circus side-show participant, as well as a compassionate, intelligent bug.
Kafka, Franz
The Metamorphosis and Other Stories
One unfortunate man wakes up to discover that -- oh no! -- he's a cockroach! Will he survive?
Knox, Tyler
One unfortunate cockroach wakes up to discover that -- oh no! -- he's a human! Will he survive?
Park, Yongsoo
Las Cucaraches
A gang-leading 12-year-old Korean-American in New York lives in a cockroach-infested project, having anything but a happy childhood.
Olsen, Lance
Anxious Pleasures: A Novel After Kafka
A retelling of The Metamorphosis from the vantage points of Samsa's family, servants, and neighbors.
Weiss, Daniel Evan
The Roaches Have No King
A cockroach colony versus an apartment dweller results in a territorial battle that will make you hesitate to ever again touch a canister of insecticide.

Updated: 05/30/2008