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Occult and Astrology Films

Astrology: Secrets in the Stars
(DVD) BF1708.1.A8685 2005x
A look at the ancient practice of telling the future by reading the positions of the planets and stars. Asks whether astrology is a true science or a pseudoscience. Check out more episodes in the Ancient Mysteries television series.
Crop Circles: Quest for Truth
(DVD) AG243.C6633 2004x
Examines the phenomenon of crop circles. Includes never-before-seen footage and interviews with crop circle researchers.
Is it real? Supernatural
(DVD) BF1031.I785 2006x
Originally produced as four episodes of the television series: Is It Real?. Discusses ghosts, stigmata, UFOs, and crop circles.
Newton's Dark Secrets
(DVD) QC16.N7 N47855 2005x
Newly discovered manuscripts reveal an Isaac Newton obsessed with religion, the occult, and alchemy.
Ultimate Crop Circles: Signs from Space?
(DVD) AG243.U483 2002x
Crop circle expert Colin Andrews offers insights into the mystery of crop circle and the intelligence community's efforts to prevent his further research on the subject.
Unsolved Mysteries. Astonishing Miracles
(DVD) BL487.U5725 2004x
Examines a number of reported miracles such as the Miracle of Lourdes, the Shroud of Turin, the Miracle of Fatima.
Unsolved Mysteries. Scariest Ghost Stories
(DVD) BF1461.U5725 2004x
Examines a number of haunted places, ghost sightings, and experiences in the paranormal.
Unsolved Mysteries. Incredible Psychics
(DVD) BF1026.U6196 2005x
Profiles individuals reputed to possess psychic abilities.
(DVD) BF1566.W73985 2006x
Examines the evolving identity of the witch through history and in various world mythologies. Discusses ways that the idea of the witch has figured in the human psyche.