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Read-Alikes for Born Bad

They were born this way. Fiction featuring evil, murderous children.


Let the Right One In

A body of a teenage boy has been found in Blackberg and a new girl has moved into Oskar's apartment complex. These two events will end up defining Oskar for the rest of his life. Who is the strange girl in the apartment next door, how is she connected to the body, and when will the next body be found?



The Jackson children have discovered a ramshackle shed on the property behind their summer home. They quickly christen it "Neverland", and set out to make it a place all their own. but there is something in that shack, a creature of the shadows, and she demands a sacrifice.


The False Friend

Best friends, Celia and Djuna, take a walk through the woods and down a forbidden road. Only one returns. Twenty years later, everything that Celia had blocked from her mind begins to resurface, and she goes home to discover the truth of that day.


The Girl Next Door

A group of neighborhood children, spurred on by an alcoholic woman, tortures a young girl. This brutal tale is loosely based on a true story.


Your House Is on Fire, Your Children All Gone

The air in Hemmersmoor is heavy with secrets and superstition. Talk of revenants and evil is whispered over pints of beer at the tavern. Fear cocoons the town and beats back the ticking hands of time. Four friends spend their formative years unaware of the terrible truths Hemmersmoor holds, but soon they will come face-to-face with the town's darkest secrets.


Pet Sematary

The pet cemetery in the back of the Creed's new home is unnerving. But it can't really bring anyone back from the dead, can it? When the Creed's youngest son is killed by a hit-and-run they plan to find out.


The Fifth Child

When the Lovatt's fifth child is born covered in hair and looking more like a goblin than an infant, they are aghast. There is nothing soft or innocent about this child, and as he grows he becomes more violent and beast-like.


The Bad Seed

Rhoda seems like the perfect child - smart, sweet and charming; but there's something not quite right with her. Could Rhoda be the one behind the horrible accidents that keep happening? Does this sweet little girl have the capacity to kill?


The Other

Niles and Holland are identical twins living a bucolic life on their farm in the 1930s. Holland is an amoral prankster and Niles often finds himself caught up in his schemes, but as the days grow longer the pranks become deadlier.


The Midwich Cuckoos

A mysterious object flies over the sleepy village of Midwich, knocking everyone unconscious. Nine months later every woman in Midwich gives birth to a strange and beautiful child. As the children grow, so do their otherworldly powers and their cruelty.