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Read-Alikes for The Prisoner's Dilemma: Fiction Set In Prisons

Guilty or innocent, these stories begin after the conviction.


Alias Grace

Grace Marks is in prison for the murder of her employer and his mistress, a murder she did not commit. Dr. Simon Jordan, a new star in the study of mental illness, visits Grace at the behest of a group of spiritualists seeking a pardon for Grace. Together, the two will take a journey through Grace's missing memories of that fateful day.



A day that starts like every other will end in imprisonment for four young boys. The year they spend in The Wilkinson Home for Boys suffering untold abuse will change their lives forever. Years later, the boys, now a lawyer, a reporter and two professional hitmen, reunite with one goal in mind: revenge.


A Lesson Before Dying

Jefferson has been convicted of a murder he didn't commit and sentenced to death. Grant Wiggins has recently returned to his old school as a teacher struggling to fit into the life he had once left. When his aunt persuades Grant to visit Jefferson, the two men forge an unexpected bond and learn that heroism comes in many forms.


A Child Out of Alcatraz

A young girl grows up in a seemingly picturesque suburb outside of San Francisco. Unlike other suburbs of its time, this one is on Alcatraz, and the giant prison with which it shares the island is an ever-present reminder that their lives are not as idyllic as they may seem.



Set during the Civil War, this Pulitzer Prize winner tells the fictionalized story of the very real Andersonville Prison where 14,000 Union soldiers died.


The Green Mile: A Novel in Six Parts

Cold Mountain Penitentiary houses the sick and depraved, waiting to meet "Old Sparky" and pay for the crimes they have committed, but none of these men are quite like John Coffey. Is he evil in human form, as they say, or something else altogether?


The Convicts

Tom Tin is out for revenge against the man who sent his father to debtors' prison, but on the way he finds more trouble than he could imagine. Accused of murder and heading to Van Diemen's Land, an island for child convicts, Tom knows he will only have one chance to escape.



After Joe Speaker blunders his way into a mystery about a dead hooker and a missing diamond, he finds himself convicted of the murder and tossed in prison. Too bad his troubles are only beginning.


The Skull Mantra

Police inspector Shan Tao Yun, a political prisoner in Tibet, is temporarily released to investigate a headless corpse. He soon finds himself embroiled in the struggle between the Tibetan people and the Chinese regime. Then a Buddhist priest is arrested for the murder and Shan Tao Yun knows his time is running out.


Split Skirt

Two women share a cell, one convicted of cocaine possession and drunk driving, the other, habitual shoplifting. Together they discover why their lives have taken the twists and turns that they have.


If Tomorrow Comes

Tracy Whitney is convicted for a crime she didn't commit. Not one to give up without a fight, Tracy uses her wit and charm to fight back against the crime lords who put her in prison.



Margaret Prior meets convict Selina Dawes while she is doing charity work at Millbrook Prison and finds herself fascinated by the supposedly innocent spiritualist. Soon Margaret is being drawn into a world of ghosts, seances and the occult.