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Read-Alikes for Tenth of December

Poignant short story collections that probe the unsettling darkness.


The Littlest Hitler: Stories

Ordinary situations plumbed to produce enlightening contrasts between innocence and evil make the stories in this collection both relatable and memorable. (Georgia, First Floor-New & Featured, Main)


The Lottery and Other Stories

The terrifying short story "The Lottery", first published in the New Yorker, is required reading in many classrooms. Jackson's classic tale is definitely worth another read, as well as the rest of the short stories included in this collection which range from amusing to disturbing. (Abby, Teen, Main)


No One Belongs Here More Than You: Stories

Like George Saunders' stories, Miranda July's short stories are quirky. Though often in dark situations, the characters are frequently funny. You can tell from the title that July loves the people she writes about. They belong here! You will love them too. (Julie, Music, Film & Audio, Main)


Heat and Other Stories

Oates presents the potential dark side in the most mundane circumstances causing the sands of reality to shift under our feet. Truly a paranoid's delight. (Georgia, First Floor-New & Featured, Main)


Revenge: Eleven Dark Tales

Everyone harbors some secret pain, some ugly truth that most people will never know. In this set of interlocking tales, Ogawa unmasks the hidden sorrows of a small town, from its murderous rages to its macabre hobbies and habits. While the connections between stories are sometimes clear, and sometimes tenuous, they all demonstrate just how fragile human happiness can be, and how much horror can hide beneath a placid exterior. (Leigh Anne, Reference Services, Main)


The Unsettling: Stories

As the title suggests, Rock's characters are like trapeze artists working without a net with you, the reader, uncomfortably fascinated watching from below. (Georgia, First Floor-New & Featured, Main)


St. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves

Beloved by teens and adults alike, this collection by Russell shares Saunders' penchant for intuitive and atmospheric short fiction. These fables roam the everglades with supernatural children from broken families. (Holly, First Floor-New & Featured, Main)


Tunneling to the Center of the Earth: Stories

This collection of short stories is by turns hilariously maudlin and satirical (featuring everything from stand-in grandparents to employees of a Scrabble tile factory), and is occasionally set in an eerily familiar but slightly off-kilter reality. Yet Wilson's writing, which has been compared to George Saunders' by several reviewers, is always touching and always strikes a distinctly human chord. (Emily, Brookline)