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After Hours @ the Library: Late Night

Thank you to everyone who came out to support the October 17, 2014 After Hours @ the Library event: "Cirque!"

Visit our Facebook page to see pictures from previous events, and stay tuned for news and updates on our Spring 2015 After Hours event!

Special Thanks to Our October 17, 2014 Sponsors:

After Hours Committee

Renee Alberts
Danielle Auretto
Samuel Badger
Elisabeth Baker
Will Baker
Sarah Beasley
Ginny Beck
Jessica Bevan
Kyra Bunardzya
Shanna Carrick
Courtney Cleavenger
Todd Derr
Ian Eberhardt
Emily Fear
Hayley A. Haldeman
Mark Klingman
Christian Manders
Cecelia Marano
Amy March
Bonnie McCloskey
Maggie McFalls
Melissa McKenna
Stephanie Meyer
Kit Mueller
Carly Neal
Allison O'Donovan
Todd Owens
Nate Phillips
Tracy Royston
Alexandra Schwall
Maureen Shaughnessy
Matthew Spangler
Lisa Steed
Marissa Vogel
Patti Wachtman
Suzy Waldo
Sara Werner
Christine Yockel

Visit our Facebook page to see pictures from previous After Hours events!

After Hours @ the Library supports the day-to-day operations of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. For tax purposes, the fair market value of the refreshments and entertainment for the event is $25. The tax-deductible portion of each ticket is the cost of the ticket, less $25.