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Black History Month Science


Black inventors
T39.A36 1997

With engaging flair Aaseng tells of ten black inventors, the problems they overcame and the often slow, frustrating road to ingenious achievement.

Against Their Will : North Carolina's Sterilization Program
HV4989.A35 2012x

For more than 40 years North Carolina ran one of the nation's largest and most aggressive sterilization programs on mostly African Americans and the poor. A team of reporters exposed the scientific flaws and racial bias of these programs through interviews with victims and doctors.


The Science of Black Hair : A Comprehensive Guide to Textured Hair Care
TT972.D38 2011

The ultimate consumer textbook on black hair care. Technically oriented and detailed throughout, this book was written with the serious hair care consumer in mind. Hair science, research and testimony combine in this carefully written text designed to examine black hair on a deeper level.


Black Scientists of America
qj Q141 .D66 1990x

African Americans have made innumerable contributions great and small which have made life better and easier (and saved lives) for millions of people in this country and throughout the world.


George Washington Carver : Scientist and Inventor
S417.C3 K73 2002

Profiles the dynamic man who began life as a slave and became an artist, agriculturist, university professor, and public speaker who addressed the House Ways and Means Committee on the issue of import tariffs in 1921.


African Americans in Science, Math and Invention
r Q141.S6285 2003

Outlines the lives, challenges and accomplishments of African American scientists since 1731. Many of the 160 entries are about women. Each entry begins with birth and death dates and the subject's particular area of science.


Forty Years of Medical Racism: The Tuskegee Experiments

The Tuskegee Study, from 1932 to 1972, studied the long-term effects of syphilis on 399 men. It has been condemned because the black men infected were never treated for the disease and were never told the true nature of their illness.


Black Women Scientists in the United States
Q141.W367 1999

More than 100 black women scientists, living and deceased. Disciplines covered include anatomy, anthropology, astronautics and space science, biochemistry, biology, chemistry, geology, marine biology, mathematics, medicine, nutrition, pharmacology, physics, psychology and zoology.


Inspiring African-American Inventors: 9 Extraordinary Lives
j T39.Y685 2009x

This collective biography from the Great Scientists and Famous Inventors series profiles nine African American inventors: Lewis Howard Latimer, Jan E. Matzeliger, Granville T. Woods, George Washington Carver, Madam C. J. Walker, Garrett A. Morgan, Percy Lavon Julian, Patricia Era Bath and Lonnie G. Johnson.