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Oakland: People

* Louise Whitfield Carnegie
"Peace and good will attend her footsteps wherever her blessed influence extends."
* Roberto Clemente
"Suspended sideways in the air, about four feet above the ground, releasing a thunderbolt."
* Henry Hornbostel
"Maj. Hornbostel's architecture dominated the Pittsburgh scene in the first third of this century."
* Bill Mazeroski
"Mazeroski at second base is better served by folklore than statistics"
* Fred Rogers
"There is a universal truth I have found in my work. Everybody longs to be loved.
And the greatest thing we can do is let somebody know that they are loved and capable of loving."
* Jonas Salk
"Polio Is Conquered"
* Mary Croghan Schenley
"Mary Schenley always loved Pittsburgh"
* Honus Wagner
"The big, gnarled, basket hands never lost their cunning, the sharp eyes under the craggy brow never dimmed...."

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