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Oakland: Luna Park


CAPTION: Entrance to Luna Park.
NOTES: Reproduced from the collections of
the Library of Congress.
"The streetcars were the final sign of the total 
integration of the suburb into the metropolis.
"A sort of spin-off of the traction age was the 
amusement park with its mechanical "treats" so dear to city 
dwellers of the early twentieth century. Usually these 
popular pleasances, fostered by the trolley interests, 
were located in the far suburbs, but curiously enough there
existed on the northern marches of Bellefield, at Baum
Boulevard and Craig Street, a peculiarly rococo example of
the type--Luna Park. Its existence was brief, 1905-1909, but
while it lasted, it imparted a garish, 'show-biz' exoticism
to the solid residential phalanxes of 'old' Bellefield."(31) 
PHOTOGRAPHER: Raymond L. Baird. 
HEADING: Pittsburgh. Parks. Luna.
#: P4874. 

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