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Oakland: Forbes Field Pre-Construction

Photo of pre-construction site of Forbes 

Caption: "Pittsburg Baseball Club's New Park." "View of the new field in Oakland where work for the improvements was started recently." Pittsburg Press, 3 January 1909, Sporting Section, page 1.
Notes: "Last week, before the contractors took possession, the Pittsburg Baseball Club had a photograph taken of the property. Views were obtained from all four sides and it is the intention to keep a photographic record of the improvement, showing how much has been accomplished in a stated period. The photograph from which the cut on this page was made shows the northern end of the site. What will be left and center fields, the site for the left wing of the grandstand and the left field bleachers are in the foreground. Prominent in the background is the Schenley Hotel. The small buildings now on the Forbes street side are next and to the extreme left is the Oakland Methodist Episcopal Church." (Pittsburg Press, 3 January 1909, Sporting Section, page 1.)
Date: December 1908.
Heading: Pittsburgh. Sports.
#: P8749.
From the Collections of the Pennsylvania Department,
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

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