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The Carnegie: What's in a Name?

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Liszt              Hungarian composer, pianist (1811-86) 
Dvorak             Bohemian composer (1841-1904)
Verdi              Italian operatic composer (1813-1901)
Berlioz            French composer (1803-1869)
Donizetti          Italian operatic composer (1797-1848)
Meyerbeer          German composer (1791-1864)
Brahms             German composer (1833-97)
Chopin             French-Polish composer, pianist (1809-49)
Rubinstein         Russian pianist, composer (1830-94)
Tschaikowsky       Russian composer (1840-93)
Gounod             French composer (1818-93)
Schumann           German composer (1810-1856) 
Gluck              German composer (1714-87)
Schubert           Austrian composer (1797-1828) 
Mendelssohn        German composer (1809-47)  
Haydn              Austrian composer (1732-1809)
Purcell            English composer (1658-95)
Palestrina         Italian composer (?-1594)
Leonardo           Italian painter, sculptor, architect, engineer (1452-1519) 
Raphael            Italian painter (1483-1520)
Michael Angelo     Italian painter, sculptor (1475-1564)
Titian             Venetian painter (1477-1576)
Homer              Epic poet of Greece (circa 9th century BCE)
Herodotus          Greek historian, father of history (BCE 484?-425?) 
Cicero             Roman orator, statesman, man of letters (BCE 106-43) 
Virgil             Roman poet (BCE 70-19)
Chaucer            English poet (1340?-1400)
Tasso              Italian poet (1544-95)
Shakespeare        English poet, dramatist (1564-1616)
Jonson             English dramatist (1573?-1637)
Milton             English poet (1608-74)
Moliere            French dramatist (1622-73) 
Pope               English poet (1688-1744)
Voltaire           French philosopher, author (1694-1778)
Goldsmith          British poet, novelist, dramatist (1728-74) 
Goethe             German author (1749-1832)
Scott              Scottish novelist, poet (1771-1832)
Irving             American essayist, novelist, historian (1783-1859) 
Macaulay           English historian, essayist, poet, statesman (1800-59) 
Longfellow         American poet (1807-82)
Emerson            American essayist, poet, philosopher (1803-82) 
Lowell             American poet, essayist, diplomat (1819-91)
Thackeray          English novelist (1811-63) 
Dickens            English novelist (1812-70)
Hawthorne          American novelist, story writer (1804-1864) 
Tennyson           English poet (1809-92)
Copernicus         Polish astronomer (1473-1543)
Galileo            Italian astronomer (1564-1642)
Kepler             German astronomer (1571-1630)
Newton             English philosopher, mathematician (1642-1727)
Buffon             French naturalist (1707-88)
Galvani            Italian discoverer of galvinism (1737-98)
Herschel           German astronomer in England (1738-1822)
Laplace            French astronomer, mathematician (1749-1827)
Rumford            American physicist, administrator (1753-1814) 
Fulton             American engineer, inventor (1765-1815)
Watt               Scottish inventor (1736-1819)
Stephenson         English engineer (1781-1848)

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