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The Roosevelt Bears in Pittsburg

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preface to 'More About Teddy B and Teddy G The Roosevelt 
Bears' (detail).


When in the autumn of 1905, I created the characters of TEDDY-B and TEDDY-G I builded better than I knew. I brought these bears out of the mountain den in Colorado and started them on their tour of the East to teach children that animals, even bears, may have some measure of human feeling; that the primary purpose of animals is not necessarily that of supplying sport for the hunter. That this lesson has been abundantly taught is proven by the overwhelming welcome give the Teddy Bears by the boys and girls of the United States; and it is safe to say that the traditional "bear will get you" has now and forever lost its frightening significance.

This book is a sequel to "The Travels and Adventures of the Roosevelt Bears," and completes the story of the tour of TEDDY-B and TEDDY-G from Colorado to Washington. The third volume will report in jingle and picture the tour of the Teddy Bears abroad.

Seymour Eaton

Lansdowne, Pa.