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Squirrel Hill Virtual Tour

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Comfortable Reading Space
Readers Beware!
When you come to Carnegie Library – Squirrel Hill, be
prepared. You may not want to leave! Our varied reading
areas make it easy to find a comfortable reading space no
matter what your style may be. Individual chairs and tables
are scattered throughout the Library.

Reading Nook
Make yourself comfortable!
Additionally, five comfy reading nooks have been built into
the Library’s outside wall. Each nook frames a different
view of neighboring Sixth Presbyterian Church. Curl up
with a good book and enjoy

Children’s Section
This is Your Library
Who can decide what a community library should have
better than the community itself? We asked what you
wanted to see in your Library and we made it happen!
Some of Our Improvements Include:

Walk into our Children's Section, which has been expanded
to provide room for even more books, programs, videos and
computers. Grab your favorite puppet and snuggle up with
a good book in one of our cozy reading nooks.

Children’s Section
A Larger Children’s Section
Even our youngest customers will find something
delightful at their level.

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