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Make a Splash: Between the Rivers Make a Splash:
Between the Rivers
Featured Collection July 2010

There's a wealth of culture and history waiting to be discovered between Pittsburgh's famous three rivers! The City's fascinating story comes alive at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

Bridging the Urban Landscape
An exhibit of some 600 historical photographs and images, accompanied by text, of Pittsburgh, its bridges and its neighborhoods, drawn from the unique resources of the Library's Pennsylvania Department.
Kids: Pittsburgh Stories
Check out this list to find books about past and present Pittsburgh people and hometown happenings, real and imagined. Then look on our Kids Page to find books by local authors (and a few folks who used to live here). Then when you run out of books to read, check to see which of our neighborhood locations have a story and art program scheduled. The program allows you to create your own vision of the city and have it posted on our Kids Page.
Pittsburgh Documentaries by Rick Sebak
Does anyone love Pittsburgh more than Rick Sebak? Or rather, does anyone else with access to WQED's facilites and equipment love Pittsburgh more than Rick Sebak? Probably not. For a complete list of WQED documentaries about our city, be sure to check out the Pittsburgh History Series.
Between the Rivers: Novels about Pittsburgh
Experience Pittsburgh through someone else's eyes with these novels and mysteries.
Pittsburgh History
Learn more about the Steel City with these recent books on the region's history. Then check out some of the online resources to see how Pittsburgh has changed over the years.