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Body Wars

Bodies! Where Would We Be Without Them?
A bounty of fiction featuring the human body both inside and out, as vehicle, curse or blessing.
DVDs on Healthy Living
Whether you are trying to age gracefully or interested in herbal medicines, the library has a wide range of DVDs to aid you in your quest for the right formula.
Fitness DVDs and Videos
Do you need some inspiration or something different to get into shape? These DVDs and videos offer everything from walking to pilates to belly-dancing.
Healthy Cooking, Healthy Eating
Books to help you make good food choices! Whether you want to eat ethnic, American, or vegetarian, we've got a cookbook for you.
Don't know whether you should eat organic food instead of supermarket food? Carbohydrates or protein? Should you worry about high glycemic foods? Is pasta better than potatoes? Look here for answers to those questions and more.
Take Care of Your Body
Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with diabetes or cancer? Or do you want to change your lifestyle to prevent those and other diseases? In either case, these non-fiction books will provide a place to start.
Yoga is for everyone! From toddlers to teens, from parents to grandparents. Men and women, young and old can find a book, a DVD, or a local studio that will help them get a healthier, more flexible body.
Weight Control
Today the "Battle of the Bulge" has become a national war against obesity. Check out these books and websites for information on a problem of global proportions with grave health consequences.