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They're Not Just Super Anymore Graphic Novels:
They're Not Just "Super" Anymore

Featured Collection May 2009

Do you like plenty of pictures with your stories, memoirs or information? Pick up one of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's graphic novels to see how comic books have evolved.

Graphic Novels for Kids
Like comic books? Check out the library's graphic novel collection--there are stories and facts, fairy tales and scary stories, new versions of popular books and imaginative, original work, all waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.
Graphic Novels
These graphic novels are not just superman comics anymore! Read autobiographies about an AIDS activist, a Holocaust survivor, and a cartoonist or learn about honeybees and dung beetles!
Superheroes: Graphic Audio Books
Tired of turning pages and getting paper cuts? Try a book on CD instead! Each of these GraphicAudio adventures is designed to be "a movie in your mind," complete with theatrical music and sound effects. Check one out and give your poor fingers a break.
Get Real: Graphic Novel Memoirs
Starring real people or their fictional graphic alter-egos, these graphic memoirs come with a healthy dose of real life.
Manga Mania!
Fill your otaku impulses! These manga series will get you started and there are plenty more to follow.
Surreal Graphic Novels
These graphic novels blend reality, hallucination and visual delirium to create captivating, disorienting tales.