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The Grosser Subjects of Life

Appelhof, Mary
Worms Eat My Garbage
SF597.E3 A67 1997x
How about raising worms in your kitchen?
Ashenburg, Katherine
The Dirt On Clean: An Unsanitized History
GT2845.A84 2007
Ashenburg examines the history of cleanliness, including America's obsession with it. Read a review at NPR.
Clark, Clare
The Great Stink: A Novel of Corruption and Murder Beneath the Streets of Victorian London
In 1855, oppressive heat in London creates a Great Stink from the overloaded sewage system and results in a cholera epidemic. Engineer William May is enlisted to oversee repairs to the system and soon finds himself implicated in a brutal murder.
Hostetler, Mark E.
That Gunk on Your Car: a unique guide to insects of North America
QL473.H67 1997
How to identify insects by the splat they make on your windshield...
Hoy, Suellen
Chasing Dirt: The American Pursuit of Cleanliness
RA780 .H69 1995
Hoy traces the history of American hygiene from the early 1800s when Americans were "dreadfully dirty" to the present day image of Americans as "squeaky clean".
Langton, Jerry
Rat: How the World's Most Notorious Rodent Clawed Its Way to the Top
QL737.R666 L345 2007
The rat is one of the few animals who can compete with humans and win.
Lowenfels, Jeff and Wayne Lewis
Teaming with Microbes: a gardener's guide to the soil food web
S591.L59 2006
If you're a gardener, this book will teach you all about the little creepy crawlies in the dirt and their importance to your plants.
Nardi, James B., 1948-
Life in the Soil: a guide for naturalists and gardeners
QH84.8.N36 2007
Learn all about the critters underground that help create your soil: slime molds, flatworms, land leeches, snails and slugs, mites and springtails, woodlice, earwigs, cockroaches, dung and carrion beetles, to name just a few...
Roach, Mary
Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers
R853.H8 R635 2003
In this fascinating account, Mary Roach visits the good deeds of cadavers over the centuries and tells the engrossing story of our bodies when we are no longer with them.
Stewart, Amy
The Earth Moved: on the remarkable achievements of earthworms
QL391.A6 S733 2004
Learn how the earthworm digests the soil, mates and regenerates. If your are fascinated, there are many more books on Worms.
Parasite Rex
Zimmer, Carl, 1966-
Parasite Rex: inside the bizarre world of nature's most dangerous creatures
QL757.Z56 2000
"One of the year's [2000] most fascinating works of popular science is also its most disgusting...Zimmer (At the Water's Edge) devotes his second book to the enormous variety of one- and many-celled organisms that live on and inside other animals and plants." -- Publisher's Weekly