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Get a Creative Life!

If the recession has your creativity and breakthrough thinking in a rut, check out these books to get you jumpstarted, or simply explore the methods great creative minds use to achieve their goals.


Walking in this world : the practical art of creativity

Learn new strategies and techniques for breaking new artistic ground in Cameron's latest contribution to the field of creativity studies.


Serious creativity : using the power of lateral thinking to create new ideas

In this book, DeBono explores the step-by-step process that's saved Du Pont millions of dollars, made the Olympic Games profitable, and drawn millions to his approach on creative thinking.


How much joy can you stand? : a creative guide to facing your fears and making your dreams come true

Ecourages you to follow your creative dreams and passions to achieve whatever you've previously thought to be impossible.


How to think like Leonardo Da Vinci : seven steps to genius every day

Put your mind to better use with the "seven essential elements of genius" (as named by DaVinci) that anyone can develop.


Cracking creativity : the secrets of creative genius

Describes various thinking strategies and shows how they can be applied towards being more creative in work and in our personal lives


Smart world : breakthrough creativity and the new science of ideas

Ogle's nine laws that govern "idea spaces" will explain how some of the greatest inventions of the past half-century were born.


Archimedes' bathtub : the art and logic of breakthrough thinking

Using his artificial intelligence and cognitive psychology background, author David Perkins explores and explains the logic behind the advancements in "breakthrough thinking": an unaccountable moment of inspiration. From Archimedes' principle of water displacement to showing you how to build your own powers of "breakthrough thinking", this is a must read for anyone.


The creative habit : learn it and use it for life : a practical guide

MacArthur recipient and Tony award winner Twyla Tharp shares her lessons and exercises that she uses to get herself out of ruts and make creativity a habit.


When walls become doorways : creativity and the transforming illness

Illness, rather than hampering ability, can actually become a pathway towards a greater creative state of mind, says author Dr. Tobi Zausner. Artists are profiled in the book and have all experienced an illness that enhanced their art, demonstrating that creativity can lie in unexpected places.


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