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Take it Slow, Please Take It Slow
Featured Collection September, 2009

Prefer to slow down? Take time out for slow-food, explore sustainable agriculture at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh or locate a local farmer's market.

Tara Rockacy of Churchview Farm
Tara Rockacy works at the Library but also runs Churchview Farm, a third generation sustainable family farmette in the south hills of Pittsburgh. What better person to interview about farms and farming?
Wendell Berry: The Peace of Wild Things
"Personally, I came to Wendell Berry not through his luminous environmental works, or his fiction ... nor his advocacy for sustainable agriculture, but through his poetry."
Cooking by Hand
Take it slow. Wander through a farmer's market, knead a batch of bread, mince fresh garlic, brine pickles, plant herbs. Explore cooking from scratch and its satisfying rewards.
Food and Farms
Cooking with kids and talking about the ways that food gets from farm to table is a great way to encourage environmental awareness -- and it's tasty, too.
Films about Farming and Food
Can the American family farm survive? Will it be run by women? Or will Monsanto and agribusiness alone determine what farmers grow and what Americans eat?
Farm Fresh
Living on a farm. Check.
Moving to a farm. Check.
Losing the family farm. Check.
Waitress hard on cash. Waitress turned millionaire. Waitress for the summer. Check. Check. Check.
Cooking your way to love. To stardom. To lunch lady glory. Check. Check. And Check.
There's something in here for everyone. Come on. Try a bite.
Food for Thought
How much chocolate is in a triple chocolate biscotti? What can a vegan eat? Just how bad is fast food? Are you really what you eat?
If you have questions. These books have the answers.
Slow Down, Think It Over
Why stop with slow food? Here are some books designed to help you explore quality of life issues, eliminate the nonessentials from your frantic days, and focus on creating a slower, more sensible lifestyle.
Local, Sustainable Food
Perhaps because so many of American "food traditions" are bound to industrial food -- like twinkies, the trend here has been towards the use of locally produced and minimally processed foods that do not harm the environment.
Local Food in Pittsburgh
Connect with Pittsburghers who really care about their food, where it comes from, how it's been grown, and how it's prepared.
Farms, Farmers' Markets and CSAs
We're winding down on the growing season but there's still lots to harvest. Pick up some tomatoes and peppers, pumpkins and squash, apples and pears at your local farmers market. Or take a drive in the country to a nearby farm.
Organic Food
Maybe those hippies who insisted on everything "organic" had it right! If you are finally worried about pesticide residues on your food, the library has great books on the organic lifestyle.
Slow Food Movement
Begun in Italy in 1985 as a reaction against American Fast Food, Slow Food seeks to preserve traditional foods and methods of preparation and cooking.
Sustainable Agriculture
Is the end of agribusiness near? Will we live to see the demise of the factory farm? Can small, diversified family farms survive and provide the food that the world needs?