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Pittsburgh Tech Ministries

Other names: The Church Gazette

1319 Murdoch Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Telephone: 412-499-3034
FAX: 412-894-7887
Web Site:


Elizabeth Delgado
1 Oakmont St
Pittsburgh, PA 15205
Telephone: 412-499-3034
FAX: 412-894-7887

Jonathan Sewell
1319 Murdoch Rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

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No. of staff: 1-3
No. of volunteers/interns: 0
Classification: Non-profit
Year started: 2007
Fees for services: yes

Fee Description: $300 for 1 year if paid annually
$30/mo for 1 year if paid monthly
$35/mo for mo to mo - no contract

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Service Description

Services offered by the consultants in this directory to non-profit organizations: Service, Training, Volunteers.

Services Provided:

Computer Technology

Programming/Software Maintenance - Service  
Web Site Design - Service  

Other Services:

None Listed

Mission/Statement of Purpose:

We seek to empower people to use their gifts by providing low cost, easy to use internet based technology & training to churches and non-profit organizations. We provide tools and training to enhance communication, organization and community building via the web so that our clients can use their resources more effectively and better fulfill their own missions. We seek to reach the smaller churches and organizations who often have the biggest impacts on their local communities while also having the fewest resources.

Annual Programs/Events:

None Listed

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Geographic Scope

Services are available to organizations in the following geographic areas:

City of Pittsburgh

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Recent Clients

Organization: St Marks, Alexandria VA
Contact Name: Sheryl Sims
Phone Number: 202-637-7189

Organization: Daughters of the King, Province III
Contact Name: Therese Chaplin
Phone Number: (703) 969-7159

Organization: Daughters of the King, Dio of Pgh
Contact Name: Della Crawford
Phone Number: (724) 444-6125

Organization: ECW - Dio of Pgh
Contact Name: Sharon Forest
Phone Number: 412-761-1100

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Additional Information


The Church Gazette is a program of Oakland Service Ministries

Entered: 2/25/2009
Last Revised: 8/31/2010