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  • Poia, Oper in Drie Akten. Full score. 1910. Composed by Arthur Nevin.
  • Large format photographs from the stage production of Poia in Berlin, 1910.
  • Scrapbook by Walter McClintock (1905-1914)- clippings relating to McClintock's book "Old North Trail" and the performance of Arthur Nevin's opera Poia in Berlin.

Time period  1910, 1905-1914


    Walter McClintock (1870-1949) lived with the Blackfoot Indian tribe for many years, and wrote a number of books about their society and customs. Poia, an opera based on the Blackfoot tribe, was composed by Arthur Nevin at the request of McClintock.

    Arthur Nevin (1871-1943), brother of composer Ethelbert Nevin, was born in Edgeworth, PA.

    Poia was performed at the Carnegie Music Hall in Pittsburgh, Jan 16, 1907, and in Berlin in 1910.


  • Oliver Room, Poia, Oper in Drie Akten. Full score, 1910 - qr 782.1 N25
  • Oliver Room, Poia photographs, Berlin, 1910 - qr 782.1 N25 v. 2
  • Oliver Room, McClintock Scrapbook - qr 92 M139m

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Walter McClintock Scrapbook

Inscription on title page: Scrap Book of clippings relating to Walter McClintock's Old North Trail and Arthur Nevin's opera Poia. Collected and arranged by Walter McClintock, 1905 - 1914.

Poia: Oper in drei Akten (opera in three acts)*

Full Score in German & English. Music composed by Arthur Nevin. Libretto by Randolph Hartley. Founded on Indian legends collected by Walter McClintock. German translation by Eugenie von Huhn. Publisher - Berlin: A. Fürstner, c1910.

Poia Photographs*

Large format photographs from the stage production in Berlin, 1910.

At the bottom left of each photo mount is: Zander & Labisch - Illustrationphotographen. At bottom right: Berlin W. Mohren-Strasse 19.

Photograph #1
Act I
Scene: An Indian camp situated at the base of a range of snow-covered mountains. In the distance stretch the plains.
 Poia (Prophet) - Herr Kinschoff
 Nenahu Medicine Woman - Fraulein Ober
 Sumatsi (Evil Doer) - Herr Bischoff
 Natoya (Blessed One) - Fraulein Eastman

Photograph #2
Act II
Court of the Sun God
  Natosi (Sun God) - Putman Griswold
  Poia - Herr Kinschoff

Photograph #3
An Indian Camp
  Poia - Herr Kinschoff
  Natoya - Fraulein Eastman
  Nenahu - Fraulein Ober

Photograph #4
  Natosi - Putman Griswold

Photograph #5
  Poia, the prophet (scarred face) - Herr Kinschoff

*A complete photocopy of this Poia score, photographs, and other related material is in the reference stacks - rq M 1500.N59 P6 1910x