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Location: Oliver Room,
Pittsburgh Music Archives #37
Box #14


Pittsburgh Orchestra Programs 1899-1900

  1. Fifth Season announcement of Pittsburgh Orchestra’s repertoire, soloists, and orchestra members.

  2. Programs of first through fourteenth concerts, plus sixteenth concert of the Fifth Season.

  3. Four-page flyer about the orchestra, its conductor (Victor Herbert), out of town engagements, and comments from Pittsburgh newspapers.

  4. Programs from concerts on tour, including Wheeling, WV, Cleveland, Ohio, and nearby PA towns.

  5. Program of concert by Mozart Club and Pittsburgh Orchestra.

  6. Second Annual Benefit Program by Pittsburgh Orchestra for a new East End Hospital (January 13, 1900).

  7. Concerts by the Pittsburgh Orchestra at Carnegie Hall, Allegheny.

  8. Concerts by the Pittsburgh Orchestra at Carnegie Hall, New York City.

  9. Samples of stationery

  10. Large poster of Pittsburgh Orchestra for concert at Johnstown, PA on February 6. Also several large poster for orchestra at Carnegie Music Hall, Oakland.

  11. Letter from W. R. Frew (chairman of Orchestra Committee) to Guarantors of the Pittsburgh Orchestra detailing the growth of single seat sales which rose from $6,232.30 the first season to $31,851.25 during the fifth season. This seemed to indicate “…steady growth and appreciation of the Organization.”

  12. Memorandum of Agreement between the Art Society and each member of the Orchestra.

  13. Seating plan of Carnegie Music Hall, noting especially seats reserved for Guarantors and those allotted to Pittsburgh newspapers.