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Location: Oliver Room,
Pittsburgh Music Archives #37
Box #2


Musical Criticism - Vol. V
April 10,1890; ending Boston Residence November 1891
Beginning Chicago December 1891; ending Pittsburgh May 1897

  1. Two maps of Boston from The Boston Daily Globe: Sunday, October 4, 1885 - Quadruple Sheet.
    1. First map: Boston in 1814 "Giving a Bird’s-eye View of the Good Old City Where Our Grandfathers Used to Trade."
    2. Second map: Boston in 1885 "Showing the Busy Marts of Commerce Where the Men of Today Put Money in Their Purses."

  2. Newspaper clippings addressing "Musical Matters." Some detail performances by various Boston musical organizations. Some are signed "G.H. Wilson" or "G.H.W." Also Stephen B. Wood, and Poco a Poco. Authorship of others is unknown. Several address music n Worcester. The 14th annual meeting f the M.T.N.A. (Music Teachers National Association) in Detroit is reported.

  3. Of special note is a clipping (loose - not pasted on the pages) from New York, May 5, 1890 (notated "From our Special Representative") with the headlines: "New York’s Music Hall. Dedication of Mr. Carnegie’s Temple of Music." Subheadings are: "The Initial Concert - Berlioz’s Te Deum performed;" and, "Appearance of Tchaikowsky, the Russian Composer." Article is signed G.H.W.

  4. Beginning February 1892, columns appear from Chicago.

  5. In May 1892, articles titled "Music of Sixty Days" (Chicago), G.H. Wilson, correspondent, appear surrounding "A Series of Passing Glances in Six Countries - London, Paris, Venice, Vienna, Berlin, and Brussels."

  6. Articles on the subject of German Opera, appear under title of ELITE - Chicago, Illinois, April to June 1895, authored by George H. Wilson.

  7. Final article appears to be from Sewickley, PA, and note programs that include prominent players of the Pittsburgh Orchestra.