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Oh, that's gross!

Five Pittsburgh Music CDs to Make Your Stomach Turn

We Play, You Puke!
The title of these beer guzzling punks' album says it all.

Elevator Music for Headbangers
These South Hills rockers have included a lovely photograph in the CD liner notes of someone throwing up. Thanks, guys!

Commit Suicide
Human Larvae - Earthly Cleansing
Their death metal is lightning fast and technically impressive but their lyrics are not for the light-hearted. You might especially enjoy the song titled "Cyclic Vomiting."

Human Brains
While listening to all these other Pittsburgh bands, perhaps you'd like to have what the rockin' Human Brains sing about, a "Vomit Proof Suit."

Not a Memory
This indie rock band's name might mean to throw something like a baseball or a pebble. Or it might be what Wayne and Garth from Wayne's World mean by the word "hurl": to throw up.

Timothy R. Williams
Music Librarian
June 2008