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War and Peace: Heavy Metal

Heavy metal music and war go hand-in-hand. The music, if done right, can sound like rumbling tanks, machine guns, and screeching eagles. The lyrics and imagery often relish the horror and glories of gory battle and even the pro-peace songs have a morbid fascination to them.

Here are a couple handfuls of headbanging odes to war and peace:

Black Sabbath
"War Pigs"
from The Best of Black Sabbath

Celtic Frost
"Circle of the Tyrants"
from To Mega Therion

Guns N'Roses
"Civil War"
from Greatest Hits

High on Fire
"Rumors of War"
from Death is This Communion

"Peace Sells"
from Peace Sells -- But Who's Buying?

"Evil New War God"
from The Bride Screamed Murder

from The Best of Motörhead

"Mouth for War"
from The Best of Pantera: Far Beyond the Great Southern Cowboys' Vulgar Hits!

"Beneath the Remains"
from The Best of Sepultura

"War Ensemble"
from Seasons in the Abyss

Timothy R. Williams
October 2010