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Women in Music

Women have always been active in the performance and creation of music albeit not always in the public spotlight. Today, women are making their mark as never before in all aspects of the world of music and none of us think twice about a woman performing or creating music in whatever genre.

There is a growing collection of books being written about women’s contributions to everything from jazz, Celtic and Blues music to classical music and the music business. This list is a selection of titles available in the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s Music Department. Each invites us to celebrate the contributions of women to music and to read more about those who are particularly inspiring.

Ammer, Christine
Unsung: a history of women in American music
ML 82 .A45 2001
Austern, Linda Phyllis and Inna Naroditskaya
Music of the sirens
ML 3838 .M9495 2006
Bernstein, Jane A.
Women’s voices across musical worlds
ML 82 .W697 2004
Enstice, Wayne and Janis Stockhouse
Jazzwomen: Conversations with twenty-one musicians
ML 395 .E572 2004
Freeland, David
Ladies of soul
ML 400 .F634 2001
She's a rebel
Gaar, Gillian G.
She's a rebel: The history of women in rock & roll
ML 394 .G28 1992
Hayes, Eileen M. and Linda F. Williams
Black women and music: More than the blues
ML 82 .A37 2007
Hudson, Kathleen
Women in Texas music: stories and songs
ML 82 .H83 2007
Rhodes, Lisa L.
Electric ladyland: Women in rock culture
ML 82 .R54 2005
Wolfe, Charles K. and James E. Akenson
The women of country music: a reader
ML 394 .W65 2003