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Facts about Andrew Carnegie

Born: 25 November 1835; Dunfermline, Scotland.
Died: 11 August 1919; Lenox, Massachusetts.
Buried: Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, North Tarrytown, New York.

Arrival in the United States:
Aboard the Wiscasset arriving in New York from Glasgow, 14 August 1848.

Homes in Pittsburgh:
Carnegie lived in at least three houses in Pittsburgh.
In 1848 he lived in a hotel on the back lot of Rebecca Street.
He later moved into the house facing the front lot of Rebecca Street, later called Reedsdale Street.
In 1859 he moved to Homewood. The home was located on what is now known as Penn Avenue, corner of Lang Avenue. House was razed in May 1905.

"Put all your eggs in one basket and then watch that basket."
One of Andrew Carnegie's business maxims. Later borrowed by Mark Twain.

"Let flood or fire destroy my plant from the face of the earth, but if I retain my organization, I would be whole again in six months."
Andrew Carnegie made this statement shortly after the Homestead Strike (1892). It is recounted by Samuel Hardin Church (18 December 1926) from a conversation with Mr. Carnegie. Mr. Church did not believe that the remark was "in print."

"Pittsburgh entered the core of my heart when I was a boy, and cannot be torn out. I can never be one hair's breadth less loyal to her, or less anxious to help her in any way, than I have been since I could help anything. My treasure is still with you, and how best to serve Pittsburgh is the question which recurs to me almost every day of my life."

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