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Keywords & Phrases

A. W. Mellon Educational and Charitable Trust
adult education
Allegheny Conference on Community Development
Allegheny Foundation
Allegheny Library
Allegheny Regional Branch
American Chemical Society
Americanization Project
Anderson, Edwin H.
Apprentice Class
Art Division
Association of Iron and Steel Engineers
Bagpipe Notes
Bailey, Bertha
Bald, Edward C.
Barnes, Martha
Baum Boulevard
Bernstein, Adaline
Blind, Library for the
Board of Public Education
Board of Trustees
Boli, Enid McP.
Bookmobile Center
Bovard, James M.
Boyd Memorial Musicological Association
Boys and Girls Department
Brahm, Walter J.
branch building program
Brooks, H. St.B.
Brotherton, Nina C.
Brown, Kenneth E.
Buhl Foundation
Bullock, Walter I.
Business Branch
Business-District Branch
Carnegie, Andrew Carnegie Institute
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Carnegie Library School
Carnegie Press
Catalogue Department
Catholic school libraries
Cathon, Laura
Chase, Virginia
Children's Department
Church, Samuel Harden
City Hall
Comings, Marian
Community Events Calendar
coordination of local libraries
county services
Craig Papers
Craver, Harrison W.
Crum, Mark
Crumrine, Katherine
Cunningham, Julia
David H. Light Memorial Record Library
Davis, Marie A.
Demorest, Rose
Detroit charging system
Dickson, Janet S.
Diller, Theodore (Dr.)
District Library Center
Doms, Keith
Downtown Branch
Drake, Vivian L.
East Liberty
The Enchanted Door
English, Dorothy
Fall Festival of Books
fiction policy
Fiftieth Anniversary
foreign language books
Foster, Mary E.
Frew, William
Frew, William N.
Friends of the Music Library
Gillespie Reading Room
Gulbranson, Mrs. Earl M.
Hall, Mrs. Anna C.
Harkins, Mrs. Anna
Harpster, John W.
Hay, Catherine
Hazo, Samuel
Heinz, H. J. II
Hewitt, C. Teft
High School Alcove
Hodges, Mrs. Fletcher
Home Libraries
Hopkins, Anderson H.
International Poetry Forum
Isensee, Rosemary
Kaufmann Annex
Kaufmann's call station
Kelly, Frances H.
Kindergarten Training School
Klauss, Dorothy
Krarup, Agnes
Lawrence, Mayor David L.
Leete, John Hopkins
Lending Department
Library Code
Library for the Blind
Light, David H.
Loan Department
Longfellow, Alden & Harlow
Lorant, Stephan
Mann, Margaret
Martin, Anthony A.
Martin, Lowell
Mason, Charles W.
McClelland, Elwood H.
McCombs, Elizabeth
McGirr, Alice T.
merger of Allegheny and Pittsburgh libraries
Metropolitan Study Commission
microfilming of newspaper files
Millen, Irene
Minder, Thomas L.
Monthly Bulletin
Mt. Washington
Munn, Ralph
Music Division
Nelson Associates
Nesbitt, Elizabeth
non-resident borrowers
Offill, Mrs. Paul M.
Olcott, Frances Jenkins
Oliver, William R.
Order Department
Panner, Frank
Penn Avenue Sub-Branch
Pennsylvania Division
Penntap Program
Pfoutz, Daniel R.
physically handicapped
Pittsburgh Foundation
Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation
Pittsburgh Photographic Library
Potter, Donald C.
Power, Effie
Program Services Institute
Project Outreach
Public Affairs Room
Public Relations Center
Pyle, Claire
Ralph Munn Lecture Series
Reader's Counselor
Reference Department
Regional Film Center
Regional Library Center
Regional Reference Library
Regional Resource Center
Regional Technical Report Center
Review of Iron and Steel Literature
Rhodes, E. O.
Richard King Mellon Foundation
St. Patrick Day's Flood
Sandoe, Mildred
Schenley Park
Schmertz, Mildred
Schools Department
Schrero, Morris
Sheraden Branch
Smith, Elva S.
Snowdon, Mrs. C. L.
South Side
Staff Association
Staff Library
State Library Code
State subsidies
Stewart, Irene
Technical Book Review Index
Technology Department
Training Class for Children's Librarians
Union Trust Building
Victory Book Campaign
The Victory Corner
volumes in collection
W. P. A.
Walker, Elinor
Walton, James M.
Weidlein, Edward W.
Werner, Mona M.
West End
Willard, Eliza May
Wirth, Martha V.
Works Progress Administration
World War II
Woods Run
Wylie Avenue Branch

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