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Ensign Hugh J. Adams (1889-1919):
Pittsburgh Screw & Bolt Co.

From The Story of Pittsburgh and Vicinity, [Pittsburgh] : The Pittsburgh Gazette Times, 1908; pp. 196.

The Pittsburgh Screw & Bolt Co. was organized in 1897, and in the decade of its existence has taken high rank among the industrial enterprises of a city of world-wide reputation for its varied productions in iron and steel. As its name implies, this company is engaged in the manufacture of bolts, nuts and screws, standard products for which there must always be a demand even in periods of temporary industrial depression. These products being so universally used, a company engaged in their manufacture can only accomplish anything out of the ordinary by making its output consist of A1 material and workmanship. This the Pittsburgh Screw & Bolt Co. always does. It has $300,000 capital, and from 350 to 400 skilled workmen. Its works are at Twenty-fifth Street and Liberty Avenue.

The officers of the company are: John R. McGinley, president; Thomas W. Smith, vice-president and treasurer, and William G. Costin, vice-president and general manager.

John R. McGinley, president, was born at Cresson Springs, Pa., on September 14, 1856. He received a common-school education at New Alexandria, Pa. After graduating at Duff's Commercial College in Pittsburgh he was for four years secretary and business manager of that institution. He then organized the Carbon Bronze Company for the manufacture of special grades of anti-friction metals, in which enterprise he was remarkably successful. In 1884 he joined George Westinghouse in organizing the Philadelphia Natural Gas Company and was its vice-president until 1900.

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