All Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh locations will be closed on Wednesday, December 24, Thursday, December 25 and Thursday, January 1, 2015. In addition, the Library will close at 5 pm Wednesday, December 31, 2014.
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The Names on the Carnegie:
Along Forbes Avenue

Darwin  English naturalist (1809-82)
Franklin  American philosopher, statesman (1706-90)
Bramante  Italian architect, painter (1444-1514)
Phidias  Greek sculptor (BCE 500?-430?)
Ictinus  Greek architect (5th century BCE)
Veronese  Italian painter (1528-88)
Scopas  Greek sculptor (4th century BCE)
Wren  English architect (1632-1723)
Praxiteles  Greek sculptor (340 BCE)
Donatello  Italian sculptor (1386-1466)
Rembrandt  Dutch painter (1606-1669)
Velasquez  Spanish painter (1559-1660)
Saint-Saens  French composer (1835-1921)
Strauss [Johann]  Viennese composer (1825-1899)
Thomas [Theodore]  German-American conductor (1835-1905)
Bizet  French composer (1838-75)
Glinka  Russian composer (1804-57)
Weber  German composer (1786-1826)
Bach  German composer, musician (1685-1750)
Handel  German composer (1685-1759)
Beethoven  Prussian composer (1770-1827)
Mozart  Austrian composer (1756-91)
Wagner  German operatic composer (1813-83)

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