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Sewickley Fresh Air Home

Established - 1901
Closed - October, 1952
1st site - Leetsdale
2nd site - Sewickley
Also Known As:
Mary and Alexander Laughlin Children's Center (1956)
Laughlin Center
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Laughlin
Sponsoring Agency:
Originally intended to provide ill mothers and babies a vacation in the country.
Later the institution served as a home for crippled and convalescent children. Sometimes the healthy siblings of these children also resided there.
The Sewickley Fresh Air Home merged with the Child Counselling Center of Sewickley Valley (sponsored by the Child Health Association of Sewickley) to form the Laughlin Children's Center in 1956.
Mary Mead Laughlin died October 31, 1953.
Location of Records:
Unknown (A few lists of names survive and they are part of the papers in the PA Department Vertical Files.)
PA Department Vertical Files (Orphanages ; Organizations ; Biographies)
Pittsburgh Photographic Library (Social Services - 7)
Sewickley Fresh Air Home, 1950

Sewickley Fresh Air Home, 1950