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For Further Reading: 1942-1945

"Bond Rallies Go Hollywood."

The Pittsburgh Press, 13 September 1942.

"Bond Luncheon Nets a Million:

Screen Star And War Hero Hailed on Visit Here."
The Pittsburgh Press, 16 September 1942.

"Lunch with Irene Dunne And Bring Your $3,750:

Star-Studded Rally at Night Expected To Swell Fund by Another $1,800,000: One Million in Bonds Already Subscribed."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 16 September 1942.

"One-Day Campaign Sells Three Millions in Bonds:

Pittsburgh Sets Record 'For Other Cities To Shoot At;' 200 Pay $5000 Each to Attend Luncheon."
The Pittsburgh Press, 17 September 1942.

"$3,000,000 in Bonds Sold Here by Film Stars:

Irene Dunne And Other Entertainers Swell
U. S. War Chest by Day's Activities:
Night Rally Follows '$5,000 Plate' Luncheon."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 17 September 1942.

"Screen Singer Raises $7,000 for Army Fund:

Jeanette MacDonald Wins Enthusiastic Acclaim at Recital."
Donald Steinfirst.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 18 September 1942.

"Plan Initiated Here May Help To Sell Bonds:

Forum Speaker Confers on Nationality Booths Run by Women."
The Pittsburgh Press, 3 October 1942.

"War Loan Campaign 'Takes Off' Today:

County's Quota Set at $289,000,000;
Workers Start Solicitations This Morning:
Parade Scheduled for 6 P. M."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12 April 1943.

"Bond Sales in County, City Total $20,933,946:

Downtown Rallies Will Be Held at Noon Today And Tomorrow:
Leaders of Drive Encouraged."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 14 April 1943.

"City Plans $1,500,00 Bond Issue:

Decision Reached at Conference of Councilmen in Mayor's Office."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 16 April 1943.

"County War Bond Drive Goes Over Top:

$289,000,000 Quota Over-Subscribed in Final Push."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 3 May 1943.

"Rally Sells $70,000,000 in Bonds:

Day's Total Exceeds $87,000,000; Stars Cheered; Big Parade Precedes Meeting."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 13 September 1943.

"War Bond Sales Again Over Mark:

$15,000,000 Daily Quota for Area Topped Second Consecutive Day."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 15 September 1943.

"Over the Top But Still On!"

Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph, 29 September 1943.

"County, Area Far Past War Bond Quotas:

Late Statistics Show $392,402,000 Bought in District."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12 October 1943.

"10,000 Ready To Start War Bond Canvass:

County's Campaign for $220,783,500 Opens Tomorrow."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 17 January 1944.

"Book-Author Rally Sells $30,557,609 in Bonds:

Cy Hungerford's on-the-Spot Cartoons
Bring In $10,250 to War Loan Drive."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 2 February 1944.

"35,000 Persons Pay 16 Million Dollars To See Bond Show:

Dancer Ray Bolger Stages Hit Performance;
Pianist Levant And Movie Stars Are Featured:
Glamor Comes to Forbes Field."
The Pittsburgh Press, 15 June 1944.

"District Bond Drives Ably Led by McClintic."

Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph, 10 January 1945.

"Pittsburghers Saving Bonds for 'Rainy Day':

Sales Remain High Despite End of War."
W. L. Russell.
The Pittsburgh Press, 28 August 1945.

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