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For Further Reading: 1942-1943

"Variety Club To Open Temporary Canteen with Fine Stage Show."

Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph, 10 December 1942.

"500 Lads of the Armed Service Have Gay Time at Temporary Quarters in Triangle."

Kaspar Monahan.
The Pittsburgh Press, 12 December 1942.

"Open House Held at 'Y' for Soldiers."

Alice Hogg Seneff.
Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph, 14 April 1943.

"Canteen Directors Supervise Work of Hundreds of Women."

Susan B. Nevin.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 23 April 1943.

"1,700 Visit Canteen in Official Opening:

Good Time Had by All As 'Hut' Starts Service for the Duration:
Welcome to Our City."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 18 May 1943.

"YM & WHA Proves Old Way to Heart Adage True of Service Men:

750 From Pitt And Tech Breakfast Each Sunday at Bellefield Avenue Canteen;
Dancing Proves Popular, Too."
Edith Rosenblatt.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 30 August 1943.

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