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Henry J. Pemberton, Jr. 1855-1913

Inventor and chemist born in Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 13, 1855, son of Henry and Caroline Town (Hollingsworth) Pemberton. The first of the family in America was Ralph Pemberton, a native of England who arrived in Maryland in November, 1682, and later settled in Bucks County, Pa. Henry Pemberton graduated A.M. at the University of Pittsburgh in 1876 and then entered the junior class of the University of Pennsylvania as a special student, subsequently receiving a certificate of proficiency from that institution. He maried Susan Lovering of Philadelphia on Mar. 28, 1894, and had four children.

Pemberton was a chemist for the United States Chemical Co of Philadelphia until 1883, manager of Kalion Chemical Co. of Philadelphia during 1883-87, and occupied the same position in the Laramie Chemical Works in 1888. He was special agent of statistics for the chemical industry in the taking of the eleventh U.S. Census and author of numerous technical papers published in scientific journals.

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