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Slow Down, Think It Over...

Why stop with slow food? Here are some books designed to help you explore quality of life issues, eliminate the nonessentials from your frantic days, and focus on creating a slower, more sensible lifestyle.


Nowtopia : how pirate programmers, outlaw bicyclists, and vacant-lot gardeners are inventing the future today

Sustainability, sharing, mutual cooperation, alternative economies and internet tribes are just a few of the themes of Carlsson's exciting examination of what society could look like just a few years from now.


The progress paradox : how life gets better while people feel worse

Why is it that the more we have, the less happy we are? Estabrook examines contemporary culture's excesses and explores am alternative paradigm based on optimism, gratitude, and acts of forgiveness.


The number : a completely different way to think about the rest of your life

The man who coined the term "power lunch" and invented rotisserie baseball ponders retirement, and how much money you really need to enjoy it comfortably.


The age of speed : learning to thrive in a more-faster-now world

Concrete tips and strategies for coping with the ever-increasing speed of business, technology and communication.


There's more to life than the corner office : the secret to total life prosperity

What does it really mean to be successful? This business parable leads a young go-getter named Patrick through a series of life lessons designed to help him create balance and a well-rounded lifestyle.


Time alive : celebrate your life every day

With more than twenty publications on gracious living, Stoddard is the queen of making time for the finer things in life.


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