Dig into READING

Summer Reading Booklists

Infants and Toddlers
Babies love interacting with the world around them, even if sometimes that means gnawing on a book rather than listening to it. What's the best way to feed that hunger for learning? Keep on sharing books! Together, you'll build vocabulary, create memories and learn new things.
Pre-K and Kindergarten
Science isn't just for big kids. It's natural for young children to be curious about how things work or intrigued by animals. Share these stories and informational texts to learn more about our wonderful world.
First and Second Grade
Science can be fascinating to learn about and lots of fun to do. Consider checking out one of the books below to create your own "awesome robot," carry out some simple science experiments or explore your neighborhood ecosystem.
Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade
From space travel to ancient animals, there are lots of science-related books at the library. So whether you like silly stories, fun facts or serious explorations of scientific phenomena, you're sure to find something that's right for you. If none of the titles in the list below spark your curiosity, check out the shelves at your local library or ask your librarian for suggestions.

As always, ask your local librarian for more suggestions -- and enjoy your summer reading!