When Things Fall Apart

When tragedy strikes, it can change our lives forever. There seems to be no one to turn to, and sometimes not even our best friends or family understand what we're going through. What's worse, we feel stuck and like we may never be happy again. The books on this list, both true and fiction, speak of teens' lives after a tragic event, and how they ultimately were able to get through these difficult times. For more information visit our Health & Safety page (link below) with online resources that can help you or a loved one cope with grief.

Bitter End

Sometimes Life Sucks : When Someone You Love Dies

When Nothing Matters Anymore : A Survival Guide for Depressed Teens

The Truth About Forever

Autobiography Of My Dead Brother


Curveball : The Year I Lost My Grip

Living With Cancer

My Anxious Mind : A Teen's Guide To Managing Anxiety and Panic

Putting Makeup On Dead People

The Freak Observer

How To Save a Life