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Reviewed by: Ravyn

The first thing that caught my attention was this book's title. Very recently I have become interested in cosmetics, hair, and the general science of beauty and grooming. This book is broken into chapters and in two sections. Starting off with an introduction into Lauren's life and some of the wisdom she's gained over the years. The book then goes to the first section titles 'Prep'. Prep is then broken into chapters, in which I learned simple things about health and how it affects your image, and also skin and hair care. These chapters were more informational, setting a background for the what's and why's. I think this section being so informative, really makes it a must read by young girls, experimenting with their image. The next section titled 'Play' has chapters that more or so are tutorials, showing you different ways to style your hair and do your makeup with lots of hints and tricks with a special chapter at the end called 'Beauty Through the Decades'. I enjoyed reading this book very much, and found it easy to start and follow through. Something I found very helpful about this book is that it provided possibilities for different types of people, that being important because beauty is diverse. This book is great to learn some fundamental grooming skills and after reading, I am even more confident in simple things such as arching my eyebrows to fit my facial structure. I would recommend this book to any teen or preteen girl focusing on cosmetology.    

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City: Pittsburgh
Date Reviewed: 11/15/2013