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The Maze Runner

Reviewed by: Vishi Agrawal

The Maze Runner is an enthralling novel. It is a mysterious, suspenseful, and humourous book. There are many characters that I loved, and it felt as though, James Dashner had actually brought the story to life, right before my eyes. He captured my attention with cliffhangers at the end of every chapter, making me itch to read ahead. I literally could not put this book down, because of the descriptive writing, and plot events. The Maze Runner is about a boy named Thomas. He awakes one day, finding himself in a box, able to remember nothing but his first name. The box arrives in a place called The Glade. Thomas finds that The Glade is a huge square, in the middle of a maze. The Gladers, (the people who live there), are teenage boys, ranging only from about 12-18. There is not a single girl who lives there, and The Gladers tell Thomas, that for the last two years, all they have been trying to do is to find a way out of the maze. Thomas's arrival was not unexpected, and not everyone welcomes him with open arms. The reason that Thomas's arrival was not unexpected was because, every 30 days, the Box, (the thing that Thomas awoke in), brings another boy, who can remember nothing but his first name. The Box also brings supplies, like food, and water, to the Glade once a week. After that, no one knows where the Box goes to. The day after Thomas' arrival, the Box comes again. But this time, it brings a girl. The Box has never brought a girl before, and definitely not one day after someone else had arrived. She holds a note that says that she is the last one to come to The Glade. Ever. The girl immediately goes into a coma, and the Gladers try to get on with their lives. But, strange things keep happening, over, and over again, and some think that Thomas is to blame; that he was a spy sent by the Creators. Except, Thomas doesn't even know who the “Creators” are. This novel kept me occupied for hours on end, and this is a story that I definitely think you will not be able to put down. Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed this book review!  

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City: Pittsburgh
Date Reviewed: 11/15/2013