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Out Of Reach

Reviewed by: Shantaea

Even though i didn't relate to the character what so ever, I don't play soccer, I am not a rocker climber prodigy, and I am pressured to win every game, but the book pulled me in. By the end of the book I was feeling sad, happy, zealous, and exhilarated. I was sad about Pips' relationship with Kate and his father. Happy that Pip found something he was good at and had fun doing. I am zealous over Pip's new niche and how far he would go with it. I love the author's storytelling. How he described Pip's action climbing made me feel so exhilarated. I would recommend this to anyone who has a diverse selection of books on his/her reading list.  

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City: Pittsburgh
Date Reviewed: 6/11/2014