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The Picture of Dorian Gray

Reviewed by: Danielle

The Picture of Dorian Gray was a really fantastic read. I really loved how much characterization that Wilde put into Dorian and Basil and Lord Henry. It was also quite a plot twister because I didn't expect Sibyl Vane to commit suicide or for the painting to be the cause of death for Dorian Gray. I personally think that Dorian got too caught up into the painting's effects and wanting to see them and therefore, committed his own death by losing a lot of his friends and causing him to murder Basil and lose himself. The only aspect that I didn't like was in Chapter 11 because it's when Dorian is starting to become sinful and he's reading Lord Henry's book and taking up all of this fancy clothing, jewelry, furniture, etc. Wilde made it too eccentric and noticeable for the reader to grasp and then bored the reader (at least me) for a while. Other than that, I would totally suggest this novel to anyone that needs a reality check or wants to read an amazing book with a tougher diction.  

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City: Pittsburgh
Date Reviewed: 6/24/2014