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The Luxe:Rumors (Series, 2nd Book)

Reviewed by: Marie

This series is filled with an enticing, dramatic plot, which makes the books so relate-able. Even though its main characters are debutantes of the late 19th century, Godberson ties together impeccable romance, betrayal, and the evil essence of friends that quickly turn into enemies (Come on, we've all been there!). In other words, this novel may be set in an unfamiliar era, but it has the rarity of great historical books to shine and leave you wondering what is true and what is just faux rumor. It is very difficult to find a historical novel for teens that is both upbeat and exciting, but Rumors left me turning pages and wondering what could possibly happen next. So there is obviously one great lesson here: don't assume all books set before the present are boring!    

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Date Reviewed: 8/23/2011