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Where the Heart Is

Reviewed by: Stephanie

The humorous and hopeful novel, Where the Heart Is by Billy Letts, compels upon a young, pregnant, seventeen year-old girl, Novalee Nation, and the struggles she encounters throughout her life. This novel is an amazing story that gives a good sense of connection to the real world by relating many of the situations Novalee encounters to real life situations. Novalee finds herself, stranded at an Oklahoma Wal-Mart, left by her boyfriend and the father of her child, giving birth to her daughter at the Wal-Mart, getting her money stolen, finding out that there are actually decent people in this world, finding a family full of friends, and discovering her dream and amazing talent. Novalee and her daughter, Americus, find that the people the share their life with now are kind, understanding, welcoming people that would do absolutely any for them. Novalee discovers what she has been looking for her entire life, a home. She finds that people do not have to be blood related to be family. She realizes that though her lifestyle growing up would not be the most idle one, but that she can over come any obstacle that comes up. This thrilling, eye opener novel really makes one look at life differently. It shows that even in the darkest of times, when one is at their lowest point or simply when one feels there is no hope in the world, there actually is hope and by following their dreams one can open doors to new possibilities that no one ever thought could. This heart warming novel is one that could change a persons life and perspective on it. Where the Heart Is, is a novel that will have one digging deeper into their heart with joy, sorrow and a sense of understanding while being told an amazing life story of a young girl just trying to get through life while living her dreams and giving her daughter an amazing life.  

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City: La Crosse
Date Reviewed: 6/14/2012