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The Color Purple

Reviewed by: Emily Morris

The Color Purple was an inspirational novel that had a powerful message to all that read it. Being able to love yourself for who you are is something that everyone should take to heart. This novel has intense emotion and an impact that is forceful. Yes, it has profanity and a strong language setting, but that's what gets the message across the table. The profanity was very strong at the start, but descended towards the end. What was very superior about this novel was that most of the events that took place are actions that happen in reality. In one way or another, relating to any of the characters throughout reading, was uncomplicated to do. In the beginning it was somewhat awkward and uncomfortable to read. Having mixed feelings about the novel made it very pleasurable to read and enjoy. Overall, The Color Purple would receive a 4. Everyone that has a chance, should read this amazing novel.  

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City: LaCrosse
Date Reviewed: 6/14/2012