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The Color Purple

Reviewed by: Amelia

Review of The Color Purple Alice Walker’s coming of age novel The Color Purple tells the heart breaking story of a young girl named Celie who is constantly abused by every man throughout her life. Celie as the narrator of this novel pours her heat out to God and tells Him her darkest secrets and deepest fears. It is Celie’s innocence and self-hatred that makes this novel a must read for everyone, man or woman. Celie’s character is relatable to everyone which resonates with readers making this novel impossible to put down. Celie takes the appalling things that have happened to her and she learns from it, she grows. It takes her several years, but eventually Celie moves on from being a victim and accepts what has happened to her. She grows as a person and eventually learns to love herself. This outstanding novel teaches all readers an important life lesson on loving yourself making it a must read for everyone. The Color Purple is a splendid novel full of pain and hatred, but also much joy and laughter. It is the quintessential coming of age novel that everyone should have the pleasure of reading.  

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City: La Crosse
Date Reviewed: 6/14/2012