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Bastard Out Of Carolina

Reviewed by: Allie Reget

In the book "Bastard Out Of Carolina" by Dorothy Allison, I found it relatable to a lot of things here in reality. The beatings, the sexual assault, the poverty and the hardships that the family went through are what many people today are going through as well. My opinion of this novel is it is an amazing book with a really fascinating story and as mentioned earlier, it is very relatable to many people in the United States, as well as other countries all over the world. The main thing in this novel that really made me upset in this novel was when Anney's husband Lyle died, making Anney a young mother of two, single and supporting three individuals. If Lyle wouldn't have died, the family wouldn't of had to go through nearly as many hardships as they were forced to go through when Anney remarried Glen. If Lyle didn't die, Anney wouldn't of had to marry or even meet Glen, which would have saved Bone from the loss of her childhood and made her life less harsh. What I liked about it was even though Bone was robbed of her childhood by many things, she still knew how to love because of her mother. No matter what happened, Anney always put on a strong and loving front, and toughed it out. Through all the hardships, there was always a lesson to be learned by both Bone and her sister Reese, and who better to teach them than their mother. Anney to me, is the strongest character in the novel, because even though she was fifteen, uneducated, and a single mom, she still made things work out in the end, giving love to anyone and everyone she could. I would recommend this book to anyone, just because of how much I enjoyed it, and how interesting it is.  

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City: La Crosse
Date Reviewed: 6/26/2012