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The Color Purple

Reviewed by: Miranda

Alice Walker the author of The Color Purple published this amazing novel in 1982 and it won the Pulitzer Prize in 1983; which just goes to show how well the book was written and the meaning behind it. The Color Purple is about a girl who learns to love herself and in the process becomes happier and more independent. Its told from the main characters point of view (Celie). A unique aspect of this story is that its “chapters” are actually diary entrees which makes it’s an even quicker read then it already is. The diaries are written to God with the intentions of no one reading them. At the beginning of the book the reader can tell Celie doesn’t have an education at all by the way she writes; but as the story progresses she uses a wider range of vocabulary and is able to write sentences more fluently and in results this also makes it an easier read. While reading this novel you don’t only see Celie grow as a person but you start to feel like you actually know her and you become proud of her, which may be the reason why half the people that pick up this book never want to put it down. Celie is not only a strong, compassionate, and loving girl but also a survivor. This is the type of book that someone could read it over and over again and yet it would never loose its strong message and can teach new things every time. Everyone should read this novel for the fact that it puts life in perspective and makes you appreciate what you really have. And also that if life gets tough just keep your head held high and you can get through it, because “what doesn’t kill you, can only make you stronger”.  

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Date Reviewed: 6/26/2012