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Bastard out of Carolina

Reviewed by: Abby

Bastard out of Carolina is not a book for the weak. Dorothy Allison’s depiction of a lower class southern family is gruesome to say the least. But that is exactly what keeps the story alive, what keeps it going. The roller coaster of emotions the reader experiences throughout this novel range from burning animosity to heart-warming compassion. Allison successfully narrates the dynamics of a lower class “white trash” family through the voice of Bone, a girl who was labeled a bastard at birth. Seeing life through Bone’s eyes shows humanity at its worst. She is verbally, emotionally, and sexually abused by her step-father for example. But then, there are other aspects in the plot that give hope for humanity through the strong sense of family in Bone’s life and the sense of unity with the people around her. Readers will be inspired by Bone as she and her family overcome life’s challenges. Bastard out of Carolina has the perfect balance of love and hate.    

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Date Reviewed: 6/26/2012